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Riehlife Bonus Poem of the Day: Naomi Shihab Nye’s “Red Brocade”

Photo by Arabian Nights pillows “Hospitality and generosity are the true calling cards of the Middle East.” –Naomi Shihab Nye Missouri Writers Guild Conference Luncheon, April 12, 2008 Also see: Does the Land Remember Me? (A Memoir of Palestine) by Aziz Shihab (her father) Tasting the Sky by Ibtisam Barakat RED BROCADE –From 19 Varieties […]

Alla’s Historical Dallas Bed & Breakfast…a heavenly blend of old and new

If you live in the Dallas area…if you’re travelling to the Dallas area…If you live anywhere in Texas…come on down to Alla’s Historical Dallas Bed and Breakfast where old ways and new ways meet to offer a thoroughly modern version of old world hospitality…and, enjoy the rooster! Alla is what makes Alla’s B & B […]