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All Mothers Day—for mothers and others—the truth of interconnection


Happy ALL MOTHERS DAY, you mothers and others.

This is a good day to recognize the truth of Tibetan Buddhism: that every being was at one time my own mother...your own mother. Hey! that means you were mine and I was yours.

Taking it into present are mine and I am yours. We nurture, cultivate, and tend each other...mother each, sustain one another.

For me, Mother's Day renamed as All Mother's Day becomes inclusive and a time to become interconnected, rather than sealed off in our nuclear units reading stord-bought cards.

We held an All Mother's Day celebration in our family one year and the children loved the idea that they were mother's, too. They made signs, created a show and passed our tickets, picked flowers.

Men and women...women in all relationships to children and others...all of us can be mothers today, on All Mothers Day!

images1.jpgmothersdayflowers.jpgmoon-over.jpgBuddha mudra

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  1. I love the idea that all of us can be a mother. If we nurture in our lives, we in turn are nurtured. Mothering the world, one hug at a time.

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