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Amazon’s Democratic Jungle: Case study, Wole Soyinka’s new memoir “You Must Set Forth At Dawn” with 5 Amazon comments, dissassembled

First off, let me say I consider that the reader section on the Amazon book product pages are, for the most part, best termed as “comments” rather than “reviews”—which usually would be rather over-stating the case. Secondly, I am frequently appalled by the casual way in which readers in these comment sections reveal their ignorance, […]

Sorting upon the return home…Soyinka on my mind

I have returned from a journey. This journey has moved me further along my journey. Winter Woods. Then creeks and ponds. Rolling Illinois borderlands. More winter wood flash past. Small Illinois towns where one could stop awhile and spend time in geneological research. I could say I got lost. I could say I missed the […]