Where do you write? In bed, like Walker Percy, Edith Wharton, Collette, Proust, James Joyce, Mark Twain…and me (at African Rainbow Resort)?

Photo from Aerphant. A tidbit from my Author’s Guild Bulletin caught my eye: “Comfy: Where do you do your writing? For a book of photographs, The Writer’s Desk, by Jill Krementz and published in 1996, John Updike wrote the introduction. “He was interested that some writers seem to avoid a desk entirely. Updike wrote, ‘Walker…

Riehl’s writing life revealed in Story Circle Network National e-letter

Click here to read a profile by Joyce Boatright that gives a snapshot of some areas of my writing life. Story Circle Network National e-letter July 2008, Vol. 9, No 7 To read this e-Letter on the Story Circle Network web site, click here. Click here to go to the main Story Circle Network web…

Journey to National Memoir Conference, Austin, Texas, Story Circle Network—Stories from the Heart IV

Yesterday as I stepped out of my St. Louis apartment to walk my five blocks to the Metrolink, I opened the door to snow. Journeys in one’s 50s are different than in ones 20s…but yesterday I did my best to meet all the little twirks of modern travel with a measure of joie de vivre….