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Lake County’s Finest: Artists, Writers, Visionaries, Activists

Visiting with old friends (and all of us are getting older!) is one of life’s greatest pleasures. During my Lake County visit in Northern California I found refreshment and inspiration in over half dozen artists, writers, peace activists, and environmental visionaries. The usual Northern California mix. Lake County is three hours north of San Franciso […]

Author Shout Out: Come hear me read “The Book Just Loved Me.”

AUTHOR SHOUT OUT AT SCHLAFLY BRANCH LIBRARY, ST. LOUIS, CORNER OF LINDEL/EUCLID, SATURDAY MARCH 7, 3-5 PM I join many of my sister St. Louis writer-friends as we each present our books for a 5-minute reading. I’ll be reading an essay called, “The Book Just Loved Me.” The full length of this essay is around […]

Where do you write? In bed, like Walker Percy, Edith Wharton, Collette, Proust, James Joyce, Mark Twain…and me (at African Rainbow Resort)?

Photo from Aerphant. A tidbit from my Author’s Guild Bulletin caught my eye: “Comfy: Where do you do your writing? For a book of photographs, The Writer’s Desk, by Jill Krementz and published in 1996, John Updike wrote the introduction. “He was interested that some writers seem to avoid a desk entirely. Updike wrote, ‘Walker […]