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Trimble’s “Tenderfoot”…new release

Mary E. Trimble’s new book “Tenderfoot” is out! Mary is the author of “Rosemount” and “McClellan’s Bluff.” “Tenderfoot” is available on-line through publisher Treble Heart Books. Personalized copies may be ordered from Mary Trimble Books. Price: $13.50 ISBN 978-1-936127-09-2

Single Tree: a collection of stories (R.V. Schmidt) reviewed by Fran Ransley

WHAT MAKES REAL MEN TICK? When I was a college student back in the 1960’s, my roommate and I decided, after a series of disappointing love affairs, that we were going to study men and try to figure out what made them tick. We were tired of the insipid frat boys and wimpy intellectuals. We […]