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Compassionate Grandmother of Cookie Sutra by Judy Tart

Judy Tart, my Rigpa sangha-sister, whom we’ve heard from before on two previous Riehlife posts as an eclectic reader and eco-activist, just got back from a 10 day vipassana retreat in Santa Barbara. Judy was gracious enough to share the Compassionate Grandmother of Cookie Sutra. Here is compassion practice with taste buds! Judy says that […]

Janet Riehl celebrates 59 years—a revelatory conversation gestures the way to choreograph a creative life and bring forth many talents and art disciplines

Seventeen years ago (December 1990) I taped and transcribed this conversation with Lynda Caesara when I lived in the Bay Area. I’ve excerpted some portions I thought relevant to the themes of my Riehlife…creating connections through the arts, across cultures, and generations….and my role as catalyst and nexus. It is a snapshot of a stage […]