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Creative Catalyst: “Cycles: The Rhythm Method” April post Telling HerStories (The Broad View)

Every first Tuesday of the month I post a new Creative Catalyst article for the Story Circles Network Blog “Telling Her Stories: The Broad View). Here’s the one for April “Cycles: The Rhythm Method” concerning creative cycles and some tools as we rotate through them. Naledi image taken from my large scale mural on linen […]

Creative Cycles: Keynote…Story Circle Network Blog: “Telling HerStories–The Broad View”

Over at the Story Circles Network blog “Tellilng HerStories: The Broad View,” I’ve just posted my first article in a new series on creativity. This newest theme is on creative cycles. I post in groups of three: Keynote post followed by two posts deepening the topic. Come on over and join the conversation in the […]