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Twitter Haiku Practice, by Susan J. Tweit

Susan Tweit’s currently working on two book proposals. One is on the theme of using-nature-to-fire-your-creativity. She’s using her haiku practice as an exercise. The post below tells us more about why she writes haiku on Twitter. Read more of Susan’s haiku on Riehlife-Poem-of-the-day. Read more about Susan’s work below. Janet _________________ WHY POST HAIKU ON […]

Summer in Full Bloom: Peony Memories

We’re in the time of Summer Solstice now when summer is in fullest bloom with the longest day and shortest night. To celebrate this time on Riehlife, I’m sharing a peony bouquet plucked from an email correspondence between Susan J. Tweit and my father…about the horticultural history of our homeplace, Evergreen Heights. Photo by Susan […]

Regenerate! Tweit-Riehl Blog Duet Continues…exploring

Two weeks ago Susan Tweit and I opened a format I’ve termed a “blog duet” (a coinage for our exchange between blogs and mind-hearts). Susan’s blog Community of the Land focuses on spirit-infused ecology. My blog Riehlife seeks to gather and amplify village wisdom we can apply to our everyday 21st century conundrums. “Off She […]

Susan Tweit’s Podcast “The Nature of Life” reveals power of intention inherent in fervent New Year’s resolutions

Check out Susan Tweit’s Podcast on “The Nature of Life” with some great stories and perspectives on the power of intention that came from some surprise 2007 resolutions. Susan says: It seems to me that if we don’t write from our hearts and say the things we believe most deeply, there’s no point in writing. […]

Happy Winter Solstice

To greet you today, I’m offering you some links as gifts. For the meaning of the lighting the darkness at Solstice, read Susan J. Tweit’s Community of the Land’s post on how Luminarias light the night. I agree…nothing like rows on rows of luminarias and the smell of pinon under the startling clarity of a […]