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Making Collaboration Work, Part 3: Creative Catalysts Janet Riehl & Stephanie Farrow

Riehlife’s February and March blog-of-the-month theme is Collaboration, that most excellent of love relationships in our lives and work. This series features two interviews by two collaboration duos plus a conversation with a distance educator. In our first 2-part interview Kendra Bonnett and Matilda Butler told us how they met and shared five tips for […]

Making Collaboration Work, Part 1:Women’s Memoir Duo Kendra Bonnett & Matilda Butler

Collaboration. Some folks are suited for it, and some aren’t. When it does work, worlds of resources combine, expand, and intersect toward common goals as shares ideas, knowledge, and learning through building consensus. How do we do that to make our work better, further-reaching, and…more fun? I invited Kendra Bonnett and Matilda Butler of Women’s […]

Story Poems as Memoir Tool

Want to know more about story poems as a tool for writing memoir? Listen to this Story Circle Network podcast with Janet Riehl.

The Critique Waltz

Ever been in a critique group? Want to know how to make the most out of it when your work is being critiqued? Read the January post for our Creative Catalyst column. “The Critique Waltz” on Story Circle Network’s blog Telling Her Stories. Written by Janet Riehl of St. Louis and Stephanie Farrow of Albuquerque

“Art of Critique” by Riehl & Farrow on Telling Her Stories

Critique is an art when done well–and potentially damaging when it’s not. In our fifth cycle for our Creative Catalyst column on Telling Her Stories (Story Circle Network) Stephanie Farrow and I take on this topic. “Art of Critique” is our keynote post in this cycle of three.

“Mission Possible” for Creative Catalyst, SCN Telling Her Stories

We have dedicated two cycles of three posts each on the topic of fear in creative practice. “Mission Possible”is the second post in the second cycle. Our last post in this series will appear in October. Stephanie Farrow collaborates with me in writing our Creative Catalyst column for Story Circle Network’s blog: “Telling Her Stories.”

Fear Finds Choices! Story Circle Network’s Creative Catalyst post

I just posted a new column for Creative Catalyst on Story Circle Network’s Telling Her Stories. This is the last post in our third cycle exploring the creative process.

Road Runner vs. Coyote, Story Circle Network’s Creative Catalyst

Ever been afraid when you were trying to start, carry through, or come to a conclusion on a creative project? Here’s some help from the Creative Catalyst little ol’ me, on Story Circle blog Telling Her Stories.

CREATIVE CYCLES: BALANCING ACT…MarchTelling HerStories post up

CREATIVE CYCLES: BALANCING ACT (Number 2 in a series of 3) You can read my most recent Creative Catalyst post on the Story Circle Network blog (Telling HerStories: The Broad View) by clicking this link. Catch up on the entire Creative Catalyst archive here. This column is written in collaboration with my dear friend Stephanie […]

Creative Cycles: Keynote…Story Circle Network Blog: “Telling HerStories–The Broad View”

Over at the Story Circles Network blog “Tellilng HerStories: The Broad View,” I’ve just posted my first article in a new series on creativity. This newest theme is on creative cycles. I post in groups of three: Keynote post followed by two posts deepening the topic. Come on over and join the conversation in the […]