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Map from Virtual Explorers ( Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, my West African speech gave way to my Midwestern speech. I am going home…to my ancestral home, the place of my father awaits, heart beating as promised, and the place of our foremothers and forefathers. This December homecoming pilgrimage to Ghana has been a thorough-going […]

Water Ceremonies, India: Rishikesh & Hardwar (part I) a poem by Janet Grace Riehl

I. India Rishikesh Strolling on the banks of the Ganges Sacred gravel crunches underfoot. A sadhu* stretches boldly over high drop-off to collect holy water in just-cleaned leather pouch. I finger the rushing stream just delivered from melting mountains. Then, pull out my finger, fast. Frozen hot pink, finger drips a blessing to forehead, throat, […]