Wole Soyinka Symposia at SIU/Carbondale—Muse & Mimesis: Wole Soyinka, Africa, and the World

Wole Soyinka So here I am at the Wole Soyinka Symposia at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, about as happy as a girl can be and still remain in her skin! The brainpower in this auditorium hooked up to electrical generators could solve the world energy problems and light up every nation around the world….

Nobel Prize-winner Soyinka Comes to Southern Illinois and St. Louis

Wole Soyinka defies categories and boundaries: Scholar, poet, playwright, actor, human rights activist, Nobel Prize winner, former political prisoner. Born in 1934 in western Nigeria. He studied at Government College in Ibadan. In 1973, he earned a doctorate from the University of Leeds. Dramaturgist at the Royal Court Theatre in London in 1958 to 1959….