Sightlines Blog Tour Video #5: Stage 4 (legal) & Stage 5 (production)

Title: Interview with Scott Kidd Part 4. Description: Stages 4 & 5 Legal work (licensing and copyrights) and Production. Greg McNey enters the project. Scott and Janet choose Discmasters as the company to produce the physical prodct…1,000 copies. Length: 9:56 minutes Videographer: Scott Kidd

Sightlines Blog Tour Video #4: Stage 2 (editing) & Stage 3 (technical)

Title: Interview with Scott Kidd, part 3 Description: Stages 2 & 3, editing and technical (disc numbering and mastering) How Janet went from clueless on how to produce an audio book and started doing it. Topics:1) Further into a description of the 7-stage process. 2) Moving from recording (stage 1) into editing and technical side….

Sightlines Blog Tour Video #3: Stage 1–Recording

Title: Introduction & Studio Part 2 Description: Recording begins, stage 1. Janet and Scott continue chatting about 1) How Scott eased Janet’s initial terror; More detailed information on his studio set up; 3) working process of their 2-day (8 hours) recording session in Nashville. Length: 8:20 minutes Videographer: Scott Kidd