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Creative Practice Dialogue between Alethea Eason & Janet Riehl

Alethea Eason commenting on the post “Building a Creative Practice is not for whimps” said: I believe that having regular session to do creative work is essential, but it may not be practical to have this occur every day, especially with a full time job, family, etc. I used to feel I was “failing” because […]

Kenoter Nancy Slonim Aronie knocks our socks off at SCN National Memoir Conference

By chance, I encountered Nancy in the hallway before her talk. My gaze caught by the runching and siver-shine of her skirt. She was also sock-footed, sans shoes. “Oh, I had these shoes especially made,” she mentioned off-handly. “Forgive my gaze, it was the lines and fabric of your skirt that caught my eye. I’m […]

SCN Conference Goody Bag makes me feel like a movie star

At registration each of us received a beautiful translucent lavendar Goodie Bag. Did we have any Faragamo shoes inside? Nope, but there were teas, candies, special soaps, lotion a hand-crafted journal, and “The Tale of Cuckoo Bow Wood” from the Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter Mysteries by Susan Wittig Albert, the founder of Story Circles […]