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Sally Andrade’s Austin Picks & Toma Mi Corazon, El Paso (a “prima”/cousin to the Austin event that Sally helped create to support AVANCE)

Hi, Janet, How cool that you’re in Austin and having a great time! Some other places that you might enjoying visiting to eat out are the East Side Cafe which is not too far from where we used to live in Wilshire Woods ( and Curra’s (, both favorites of mine. And BE SURE to […]

Austin’s Las Manitas & Toma Mi Corazon XVI lead off cozy, sparkling Texas morning

Jake Lorfing came to my “Write Your Way Through Grief” workshop last year at Naropa and we formed a bond around writing and Buddhist practice. He’s a relaxed, easy man who embodies his practice without fuss…the walking model, for me, of equanimity, or eveness and steadiness. Jake is involved in a variety of engaged social […]