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“Foyle’s War” Shows War Wounds at Home

What is Foyle’s War? To uphold human values in a time of war, in this case World War II Britain, when those values are put aside in the fighting of the war for the sake of the greater good. If it’s all right to kill in war, is it all right to kill at home? […]

Riehlife Poetry Treasuretrove of the Day: PBS Fooling with Words

Wow! Go over the Bill Moyers Journal for links to poetry videos and transcripts of your favorite poets. Hey, Hal Manogue! Here’s a video of Coleman Barks reciting Rumi that will set you up for several days!

“Iron Ladies of Liberia” airs on KETC in April…Sneak Preview of Independent Lens Film at Missouri History Museum

Alex Detrick pulled together another fine evening last night at the Missouri History Museum, featuring Independent Lens film “Iron Ladies of Liberia” which will later air on KETC/Channel 9 April 6th at 11 p.m. Click here for video clip and political background on Liberia and the film. Click here for 2005 Washington Post article written […]