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“Disinheritance,” by John Sibley Williams Limns the In-between Places

DISINHERITANCE Poems by John Sibley Williams John Sibley Williams poems in “Disinheritance” limn the in-between places as he explores the sorrow of life’s fragility. It’s the darkness of these poems that illuminates the bursts of reconciliation. Usually I rely on the words to speak for themselves. In this case, though, I was adrift in Williams […]

Poetry: “On Wings of Gentle Power,” by Barry D. Yelton

Barry Yelton , a native North Carolinian writer, has done it again in his latest poetry book “On Wings of Gentle Power.” Reflective of Yelton’s rural roots these poems impart a sense of place and connection to land, sky, and water. Al Past’s photography combines with Yelton’s words to create a layered duet. Yelton and […]

Riehlife Poem of the Day: Gary Snyder’s “How Poetry Comes to Me”

When I lived in Northern California, one of my great treats was to hear Gary Snyder perform his poetry with musicians in a cozy old-fashioned theatre…and another time….to hear him read and speak at the University of California at Davis. What remains of his presence for me is a sense of dignity…integrity…and a man of […]

Riehlife Poem of the Day: Deborah Digges’ “Darwin’s Finches,” from Vesper Sparrows

Digges was born in Jefferson, Missouri and went on to write poetry that would win awards and attract passionate readers such as Sharon Olds. Learn more about Deborah Digges by clicking here. “Darwin’s Finches is from Vesper Sparrows (1986), her first book. —JGR Vesper Sparrow photo by Chan Robbins Darwin’s Finches by Deborah Digges 1 […]

Riehlife Poem of the Day: John Daniel’s “Joshua Tree” from COMMON GROUND…poet of earth & place

Joshua Tree photo by Michael Reichmann “Joshua Tree” is from Common Ground (Confluence Press, 1988). These poems deal with experience, nature, the past, reading, solitude, travel, the seasons, aging, friendship, and identity. Click here for complete list of publications. ____________________________________________________ JOSHUA TREE by John Daniel These bent trees that Mormons saw as the prophet waving, […]

“Home Sweet Home”–poetic excerpt from “Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary”

During this time I’m in Lake County in Northern California and walking when I can in Clear Lake State Park, the jewel of the county on Clear Lake and nestled on the shoulders of Mt. Konocti…these lines from my poem HOME SWEET HOME often run through my mind…excerpts below. You can read more from “Sightlines: […]