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Visionary Puppetry: Descent of the Goddess Inanna

Based on a 5,000-year-old Sumerian myth from the land that is now Iraq, this live theatrical animation features 17 large puppets, 8 actors, music, video and the dazzling richness, broad humor and erotic imagery of the ancient texts. “The Goddess of Heaven and Earth descends to visit her sister, Queen of the Underworld, while a […]

Aaron Belz’ brand new poem “Swan Song”

Among just one of my pleasures at the St. Louis Writers Guild Loud Mouth Open Mic last week, was meeting Aaron Belz and becoming introduced to his “gravely hilarious” poems, as Denise Duhamel describes them. I bought a copy of “The Bird Hoverer” spent some enjoyable time with his hovering birds over several afternoons. Aaron […]