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Riehlife Poem-of-the-Day:”Basho & the Crickets,” by Stephen Kuusisto

“Basho & the Crickets” is Riehlife’s poem of the day written by Stephen Kuusisto–Professor, Author, Speaker, Poet, Blogger, and Disability Advocate. With his guide dog Nira, he roams the world giving readings and workshops–when he’s not teaching at the Iowa Writing Workshop. Here’s how the poem and Stephen came in my life, and then bobbed […]

Poets’ Dinner in Iowa City: Auntie Mary is cooking!

One of the better side benefits from dedicated blogging is that you make friends. Sometimes, very good friends. If you aren’t a pro-blogger, you meet others similarly involved in this labor of love. I’ve been lucky in the friends Riehlife has attracted to our village. Two such friends, as yet unseen, are poet Stephen Kuusisto […]

“Yes We Can,” an inaugural poem by Marvin Bell

Marvin Bell has written a fine poem on an impossible subject. In its sweep, yet anchored in strong, precise images that anchor the ideas that America was founded on…in its inclusion of family, of people who work with both hands and heads…for me, it’s a true poem—perhaps even a great poem—of the beat of what […]