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Lake County’s Finest: Artists, Writers, Visionaries, Activists

Visiting with old friends (and all of us are getting older!) is one of life’s greatest pleasures. During my Lake County visit in Northern California I found refreshment and inspiration in over half dozen artists, writers, peace activists, and environmental visionaries. The usual Northern California mix. Lake County is three hours north of San Franciso […]

From Floods to Flames…series on Mississippi Floodstage starts tomorrow just as I go towards the firestorms.

For those of you who know your geography and follow the news, you know that for the past month we’ve had flooding here in Missouri and Southwestern Illinois. Some of you have emailed me asking for updates since I haven’t posted about the flooding on Riehlife. My feeling was that I wanted to wait until […]

Easy Tasty Send-Off Stew

When my dear friend Daniel Holland set off to return to his home in Lake County in Northern California this week, I wanted to give him something to stick with him as we traveled in the blustery St. Louis weather via MetroLink to the airport and then he flew home. Improvisational cooks know the best […]

Christmas Greetings from Janet Riehl, the Move-Back Kid

Around the world in less than 80 years and back to the Midwest again. From girlhood atop a big hill to maturing into an all-around creative type. I now focus on writing and making books and maintain an this online weblog (blog) Riehl Life: Village Wisdom for the 21st Century ( where 400 faithful readers […]