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Kenyan Glimpse: Toy Compound Speaks of Home

Click here to go to African Great Lakes Initiative Dear Friends, For me the most poignant time of the day was when we were in the field and I noticed a small toy compound obviously made by the kids. Their toy compound was built solely of dirt, rocks, and twigs! Quite neatly and nicely done—much […]

Kenya & Region: Alternatives to Violence shows great heart; great work

If you want to support the work of peace and reconciliation and conflict resolution…if you’d like to make a difference in Africa…here is an important website to explore the African Great Lakes Initiative. There, look for the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) which “encourages participants to recognize that they can best find their own answers […]

Violence in Kenya in Early 2008—Nine Interpretations by David Zarembka, Coordinator African Great Lakes Initiative of the Friends Peace Teams

To understand the situation in Kenya as “ancient tribal hatreds” is to understand World War I and World War II as “ancient tribal hatreds” between the Germans on one side and the French, English, and Russians on the other.—David Zarembka David Zarembka and Gladys Kamonya of the African Great Lakes Initiative appeared in St. Louis […]