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” The Natural World: breathe it in,” by Judith Stanton

Judith Stanton is in touch with the natural world both in her daily life and in her work. Here is a meditation on enjoying the natural world. Her fiction includes an equestrian suspense, “A Stallion To Die For.” Her chapbook, “The Deer Diaries: poems from the natural world”, keeps growing. Judith says, I forget, some […]

Of Eagles & Crows. A conversation between Judith Stanton & Charlotte Hussey

This post is dedicated to my Mother, Ruth Thompson, a World-Class Birder. Here at my father’s atop the bluffs above the River Road the eagles get up-close-and-personal. Sometimes they fly so close above my windshield as I climb our big hill to the Big Brown House that I feel I should duck. Our area is […]

Keersmaeker’s Rosas danst Rosas. Reviewed by Judith Stanton

I write fiction and love dance whether dressage for horses or ballet, belly dancing, break dancing, or modern dance. As a creative artist, it’s been my goal to recover my old connection to the arts with poetry, film, exhibitions at some of our super local museums. I’m lucky. The American Dance Festival, a summer institute […]