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Swick’s take on journeys and places

Click here to read the entirety of Swick’s find essay “Photo book can reveal places, but not experiences there.” Journeys don’t spare us; they drag us through the raw on our way to the sublime. –Thomas Swick, travel editor of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Riehlife Meditation on Bumps and Mountains…across the plains of our worlds—conversation starter and writing prompt

When one wrinkle is made smooth, I notice a bump beyond…in the distance…and want to go there and explore. What could that bump be? A mountain, perhaps? Or, just a molehill? I see a vast plain, like a tapestry carpet stretching out before me…miles to the mountain. I will journey over the plains, but need […]

Journeys: From Los Angeles to Riverside

The world flashes by as we touch the ground. I’ve been to L. A. by car and by train before, but this is my first time to fly in. My conversation with an IT consultant from Southern India on migration, culture, and history mingles with the site of green, tiny flowers on the airstrip, and […]

Sorting upon the return home…Soyinka on my mind

I have returned from a journey. This journey has moved me further along my journey. Winter Woods. Then creeks and ponds. Rolling Illinois borderlands. More winter wood flash past. Small Illinois towns where one could stop awhile and spend time in geneological research. I could say I got lost. I could say I missed the […]

Journey to National Memoir Conference, Austin, Texas, Story Circle Network—Stories from the Heart IV

Yesterday as I stepped out of my St. Louis apartment to walk my five blocks to the Metrolink, I opened the door to snow. Journeys in one’s 50s are different than in ones 20s…but yesterday I did my best to meet all the little twirks of modern travel with a measure of joie de vivre. […]