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Making Collaboration Work, Part 4: Creative Catalysts Riehl and Farrow

Here’s the second part of the conversation between my New Mexico collaborator Stephanie Farrow and myself. Check out the first part of our making collaboration work discussion. In our column “Creative Catalyst” on Story Circle Network’s blog Telling Her Stories: The Broad View, we have posted the first two of a three-part cycle on collaboration: […]

Making Collaboration Work, Part 3: Creative Catalysts Janet Riehl & Stephanie Farrow

Riehlife’s February and March blog-of-the-month theme is Collaboration, that most excellent of love relationships in our lives and work. This series features two interviews by two collaboration duos plus a conversation with a distance educator. In our first 2-part interview Kendra Bonnett and Matilda Butler told us how they met and shared five tips for […]

Story Poems as Memoir Tool

Want to know more about story poems as a tool for writing memoir? Listen to this Story Circle Network podcast with Janet Riehl.

The Art of Friendship: Happy Birthday to Me

It’s been 61 years coming, but today is that day…only with a new year attached. I start thinking about my new age a few weeks beforehand so it comes at no surprise on the date. Falling between Christmas and New Year’s as it does–the Dead Week, I call it–when people are still reeling and resting […]

Riehl’s spoken word on Authors Airwaves

When Victor Volkman hosted me on Authors Airwaves, he said that he was proud to feature a special podcast “Sightlines: A Family Love Story in Poetry and Music” by Janet Riehl. Her book “Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary” is Janet’s family love story, a remembrance narrated in story poems that traverses the boundaries of life and […]

“Mission Possible” for Creative Catalyst, SCN Telling Her Stories

We have dedicated two cycles of three posts each on the topic of fear in creative practice. “Mission Possible”is the second post in the second cycle. Our last post in this series will appear in October. Stephanie Farrow collaborates with me in writing our Creative Catalyst column for Story Circle Network’s blog: “Telling Her Stories.”

Riehlife recieves the Superior Scribble Award

Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett’s blog supports women writing their memoirs. They just gave me a wonderful compliment by announcing that they have chosen Riehlife as one of their five top picks for the Superior Scribbler Award. Here’s how they described Riehlife: Janet Riehl — an artist in the best and broadest sense of the […]

St.Louis Writer’s Guild Profiles Janet Riehl

This is one of my favorite profiles anyone wrote about me. (St. Louis Writers Guild Newsletter “The Scribe” Fall 2008). Even I learned some things about me! I joined SLWG in 2007 when I moved here, and became a member of distinction in 2008. Hey! The prez lives in the building next door and she’s […]

Blog Tour Round-Up

Carol Cole Lewis hosts a wrap-up of Janet’s 2-month blog tour. What did she learn? Experience? Wonderful video here Carol made.

“How to Make and Produce and Audio Book”

Read Janet’s article “How to Make and Produce an Audio Book” on Blogging Authors…complete with illustrative videos for each step.