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Isabella Mori’s Buddhist Blog Carnival

Isabella Mori’s blog “change therapy: making lives better, making better lives” is sponsoring a Buddhist carnival. What’s that? It’s a selection of buddhist posts all over the blogosphere. Isabella kindly included Riehlife’s features on Eden Maxwell.

“Getting to Know You” blogging Meme…ta-da-ta-da…”Getting to know what to say…”

Sing along, now, everybody, all together: “Getting to know you, Getting to feel free and easy When I am with you, Getting to know what to say” That’s the essence of the “Getting to Know You” blogging meme which Isabella Mori of Change Therapy has just tagged me to participate in. Poinsetta, December-child’s flower DECEMBER […]

“Change Therapy” hosts progressive dinner party-style blog carnival…Riehlife helps Isabella Mori pass the appetizers.

If you like blog carnivals, you’ll love visiting Isabella Mori’s “Change Therapy” site where she’s serving the appetizers for a progressive dinnerparty-style Soup to Nuts blog carnival. One of my blog postings on my father’s longevity and youthful outlook secrets is one of the appetizer dishes she is serving up. I think you’ll find this […]