Curator Andrew Walker Re-tells the Story of African American Abstraction at St. Louis Art Museum—and gets it just right!

“Art is about possibility…it is capacious; its history is ever-changing;and what is lost is only lost until you see it again,” says Holland Cotter in his NY Times essay (April 7, 2006) “Energy and Abstraction at the Studio Museum in Harlem.” St. Louis Art Museum’s “African American Abstraction: St. Louis Connections” brings that capacious, ever-changing,…

African American Abstraction: St. Louis Connections at St. Louis Art Museum through March 23rd

Click here to watch Naomi Silver’s three vivacious interviews with Curator Andrew Walker, Artist Phillip Hampton, and Artist John Rozelle—all discussing the current African America Abstraction: St. Louis Connections which runs through March 23rd at the St. Louis Art Museum.