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Za Tour of the New Alton High School: Where are the books, babe?

As part of our 40th reunion we toured new new Alton High School, open just a year now and built at a cost of several millions. Among it’s charms, it boasts a three-court gymnasium. There’s also a beautiful auditorium and stage…a pit for the pit orchestra (I ducked down there for old times sake)…and a […]

Lemonade Haircut in the Central West End, my new neighborhood

As part of my welcome move-in packet for West End Terrace, I recieved a 20 per cent off coupon for a haircut and styling at Lemon, a salon just a few blocks from me up on Euclid. Even with the discount, the price is 1/3 more than I’m used to paying in Lake County in […]

Charm and Technology–how a stream of technicians arrived at my door to fix a problem only one could

The top frustration for my move to St. Louis was getting my phone and internet service up and running. For the first two weeks I was here, I was steady-dating a steady stream of technicans from Charter that kept me in a steady state of on-the-verge-ness. If it wasn’t my phone, it was the internet […]

“The Secret”: Packaged in America

Last night I watched The Secret with a group of friends that meet for spiritual discussion. Since The Secret carries so much buzz, I was happy to see it and find out how well this film presents the Law of Attraction, ancient wisdom for modern times. I loved its humor and laughed out loud several […]

Can I Be Honest With You?

“Can I be honest with you?” These words jumped off the computer screen at me in a recent email and I thought, “Ooooooo, no. Nope. I can live my life without anyone ever being honest with me, by announcing they are about to by honest, ever again.” Because that usually means license to kill the spirit…the […]