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Part 2: Life with the Written Word–Ernest Dempsey’s Story from Pakistan

Yesterday Riehlife readers were treated to Part 1 of Ernest Dempsey’s “Life with the Written Word.” When you read part one you’ll see Ernest’ bio and the story of our four year internet friendship since 2007. –JGR ______________________ PART 2: Life with the Written Word – Ernest Dempsey’s Story from Pakistan JGR: Your home is […]

Life with the Written Word: Ernest Dempsey’s Story from Pakistan

Just like one’s immediate social surroundings, being part of an online community required mutuality of interest, a certain desirable decorum, and above all, the will to engage in meaningful, very often a reassuring, and dialogue – whether in form of direct person-to-person communication or comments on blog posts. It was living in a world of […]