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The Critique Waltz

Ever been in a critique group? Want to know how to make the most out of it when your work is being critiqued? Read the January post for our Creative Catalyst column. “The Critique Waltz” on Story Circle Network’s blog Telling Her Stories. Written by Janet Riehl of St. Louis and Stephanie Farrow of Albuquerque

5.3 Critique Cycle: What does the group need to do?

Here is the second post in our Critique Cycle for Story Circle Network’s blog “Telling Her Stories. In the first post we discussed the definition and purpose of critique. In this post we discuss what the group’s responsibilities are to make a critique useful.

“Art of Critique” by Riehl & Farrow on Telling Her Stories

Critique is an art when done well–and potentially damaging when it’s not. In our fifth cycle for our Creative Catalyst column on Telling Her Stories (Story Circle Network) Stephanie Farrow and I take on this topic. “Art of Critique” is our keynote post in this cycle of three.