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Where in the World is Janet? Re-design Time. Join the Riehlife Community Here.

Readers have written—even called!–wanting to know what’s going on with me and with the Riehlife site. As to both, I can say, “We are under construction. Pardon our dust.” First, as to the site, because that’s more simple: We’re in the process of shifting from a standard blog-column with a website sidebar to a visual […]

Creativity Tip: Now Try This!

“Now try this.” “Let’s try this.” “What if?” “Why not? “What would happen?” Innovations in science, art, and just plain living depend on these small openings. Have an open mind and heart. Try things out. Be curious. Explore. Discover. Invent. Go into your studio and make stuff. Go into your study and write stuff. Go […]

Creative Corner: Advice for the Multi-Talented Creative

Dear Riehlife, I feel swamped after my first week teaching. Is my extensive creative life outside school as a dancer and workshop leader a dodge or escape or a wish for failure for my main work as a poet? What am I in quest of? Instead of spinning off in so many different directions, I […]