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Multi-talented? Ask the Creative Catalyst

I’ve just posted the last column in the six-part Creative Catalyst cycle on the topic of multi-talented creativity. This is a guest post on Story Circle Network’s “Telling Her Stories.” Always fun for you to join in the dialogue. Here’s the link: Multi-talented? Ask the Creative Catalyst

Anne Schroeder’s “Room of Her Own”: She transformed an ordinary garden shed into a dream writing room

I met Anne Schroeder through Women Writing the West. You’ve seen her before on Riehlife when I interviewed Anne about her humorous and insightful memoir “Ordinary Aphrodite” which chronicles her attempts to live a balanced life. Anne’s story of creating her dream writing room out of ordinary materials proves that it’s not the the money, […]

Multi-talents: Artists & Writers as Farmers

The mission for Riehlife is “Creating connections through the arts and across cultures.” Viola! That’s the definition of multi-talented creatives. Here’s the fourth post in a cycle of five discussing multi-talents among creative people. My guest column Creative Catalyst appears on Telling Her Stories: The Broad View for Story Circle Network. Multi-talented? Maybe artists and […]

Power of the Pen: The Artist and the Blank Page, by William T. Dawson

I first met William Dawson in Mountainaire, New Mexico on August 2007 at the 10th annual Sunflower Festival. I performed my story “Big Butts Are Beautiful” complete with backup girl singers and drum. William has previously appeared on Riehlife several times. His most recent contribution is “River of Sadness.” Here are his thoughts on the […]

Creative Process essay by Colleen McKee

I met Colleen McKee through a St. Louis poetry workshop “Loosely Identified.” Colleen, a St. Louisan, is the author of a collection of poetry, My Hot Little Tomato (Cherry Pie, 2007). She also co-edited Are We Feeling Better Yet? Women Speak About Health Care in America (PenUltimate, 2008). Her Riehlife Poem-of-the-Day “Natural Causes” originally appeared […]

“Working from Source in Your Creative Practice”–new Creative Catalyst Post on Telling HerStories Story Circle Network blog

You can read this new post by clicking here. I am building a series that will later be collected in an e-book and small printed pamphlet. It might also, eventually be presented as an online course.

Musical Learning Model by Approximation. In 7 Easy Steps.

Yesterday, after we’d played old-time music for hours at the Alton Sesquicenntential, 12-year-old N. and I came back to the house for a classical music lesson, and worked for 1 1/2 hours more. Here’s a method I’ve figured out for learning a piece of music by approximation. You can use the same learning method on […]

Creativity Tip: Now Try This!

“Now try this.” “Let’s try this.” “What if?” “Why not? “What would happen?” Innovations in science, art, and just plain living depend on these small openings. Have an open mind and heart. Try things out. Be curious. Explore. Discover. Invent. Go into your studio and make stuff. Go into your study and write stuff. Go […]

“Audition Piece” by Gerry Mandel: The Genesis of the Play

THE STATS Ten plays selected for reading out of forty submitted. Four plays read chosen for full production. Mandel’s “Audition Piece” made both cuts! Gerry Mandel, playwright THE GENESIS OF “AUDITION PIECE” I started writing this play about a year ago. It began as a result of a comment made by a friend named Harry. […]