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Creative Practice Dialogue between Alethea Eason & Janet Riehl

Alethea Eason commenting on the post “Building a Creative Practice is not for whimps” said: I believe that having regular session to do creative work is essential, but it may not be practical to have this occur every day, especially with a full time job, family, etc. I used to feel I was “failing” because […]

Building a Creative Practice: Not for Wimps! Now on Telling HerStories: Taking the Broad View

Capricorn Heart = Persistence of the goat My second post for my Creative Catalyst series on Story Circle Network’s “Telling Herstories: The Broad View” is now up. You can access “Building a Creative Practice: Not for Wimps” by clicking here…where you’ll also see the first post, “What is Creativity Anyway?” Also, a third post will […]

Soyinka in St. Louis Conversation at Black Rep

Wole Soyinka HOMEWORK LINKS 1) Hear Soyinka’s rolling baritone, relaxed, just chatting, sharing wisdom First, let me give you a link to a 1998 conversation between Harry Kreisler and Wole Soyinka that took place in Berkeley, California as part of the “Conversations with History” series. What is said is still fresh today, AND you’ll get […]