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Riehlife Meditation on Bumps and Mountains…across the plains of our worlds—conversation starter and writing prompt

When one wrinkle is made smooth, I notice a bump beyond…in the distance…and want to go there and explore. What could that bump be? A mountain, perhaps? Or, just a molehill? I see a vast plain, like a tapestry carpet stretching out before me…miles to the mountain. I will journey over the plains, but need […]

“I kept my mouth shut.” (Conversation starter)

“It almost killed me to do so, but I kept my mouth shut….” Tell us about a situation in which you found you had to just shut up, or you’d be in really big trouble, one way or another, or just a big bore, or unkind. For John Flinn, it was that no place is […]

Pigheaded Pills and Other Personality Patent Medicine (Conversation Starter)

If you could choose some aspect of your personality to improve…and all it took was taking a pill, what would you choose? Choose something fun. Pig-headedness, say? Tell us the trait you’d like pills developed for to make you just a little bit nicer to be around. Just don’t make me agree with you. At […]