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Riehlife Contemplation Series…and Lights Out for Earth Hour

I’ve been harvesting my journals this week. One of the fruits of my harvest is this series of Riehlife contemplations which I hope you’ll enjoy and use: –for cultivating your own contemplations. –for starting conversations with loved ones and friends. –for prompting your writing. What are your foul weather blue sky gifts? What does your […]

Riehlife Contemplation: What are the rivers you need and want to cross? Jimmy Cliff’s “Too Many Rivers to Cross” can be used as a writing prompt and a life prompt, too.

Jimmy Cliff’s “Too Many Rivers To Cross” was one of the sound track songs from my time in Botswana and Ghana in the 1970s. There were a lot of rivers to cross, and I learned how to cross them…not all at once, but slowly, and one by one. This also made a great slow dance […]