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Directed Contemplative Writing—a variation on free writing

I’ve started a new writing project—working with my longtime friend and writing colleague, Stephanie Farrow who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In the last weeks we’ve developed a way of working which I’m analyzing into steps below in hopes it might help those writers among Riehlife’s readers. [Note: This is filed in the Write, Pen! […]

“Tunanortsa”—poetry call for Clive Matson’s “Crazy Child Scribbler”

Hello poets! May Garsson ( is collecting submissions for Clive Matson’s publication Crazy Child Scribbler using a new form called “tuanortsa” (astronaut spelled backward). This is a simple form, a poetic palindrome that reads more or less the same from top to bottom as from bottom to top. Here’s an example May gives (taken from […]

Snowbound in St. Louis, a Writer Reads—Jo-Brew’s novels of the family farm, and tools of the writing and reflective life

Eight inches of snow fell in St. Louis over the weekend, chasing this Northern California girl inside to catch up on her stack of reading. Hey, my snow boots are in the closet of my upstairs room at my father’s house and I don’t even own an ice-scraper for the car yet…but, I can turn […]

Kerouac’s “On the Road” turns 50 and much ado is made about something at the Loud Mouth open mic held at The Mac in South St. Louis

I love open mics that celebrate literature more than the funny little egos who produce it. The Loud Mouth open mic at The Mac in South St. Louis last night sponsored by the St. Louis Writers Guild was of the first sort as we gathered to celebrate Kerouac’s “On the Road” as it turns 50…living […]