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Water Baby Bliss: Water Walking & Other Pleasures

I’m a Water Baby all the way. Put me in any body of water–from a bathtub to an ocean, and you’ll see a serene smile on my face. I’m here in Northern California to visit old friends and reconnect with the land and water of Lake County and the Northern California Coast. The jewel of […]

A Clear Day on Clear Lake: Birdwatching Heaven by Janet Riehl

I arrived in Lake County a few days before Thanksgiving in order to visit friends and one of the landscapes of mountain and water that hug my heart. The weather was unseasonably warm with blue skies and intense light. My host loaded up our kayaks into his truck. We paddles from the county park over […]

“Home Sweet Home”–poetic excerpt from “Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary”

During this time I’m in Lake County in Northern California and walking when I can in Clear Lake State Park, the jewel of the county on Clear Lake and nestled on the shoulders of Mt. Konocti…these lines from my poem HOME SWEET HOME often run through my mind…excerpts below. You can read more from “Sightlines: […]