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Moyers & Wright: Beyond the Soundbite

I left The Space (see post below) to rush home through our big thunder and lightening storm…headed for Bill Moyers’ Journal on PBS…featuring an interview with Reverend Jeremiah Wright and looking for insights into… Black Churches, Black Theology and American History James H. Cone’s quotation set the tone of Rev. Wright’s conversation with Moyers: Black […]

Bill Moyers Journal look at the Kerner Commission Report excellent resource on race in America—then (40 years ago) and now

All week I’ve been thinking about and talking about Bill Moyers Journal March 28, 2008 look at “an update of the Kerner Commission Report, which blamed the violence on the devastating poverty and hopelessness endemic in the inner cities of the 1960s.” There is a transcript and podcast and background material here you’ll want to […]