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Poetry: “On Wings of Gentle Power,” by Barry D. Yelton

Barry Yelton , a native North Carolinian writer, has done it again in his latest poetry book “On Wings of Gentle Power.” Reflective of Yelton’s rural roots these poems impart a sense of place and connection to land, sky, and water. Al Past’s photography combines with Yelton’s words to create a layered duet. Yelton and […]

Barry D. Yelton, “Scarecrow in Gray” author, hails from hill country of North Carolina

Barry D. Yelton, author of Scarecrow in Gray, (September 2006, Universe) based roughly on the Civil War experiences of his great-grandfather is currently at work on the sequel. Barry says: As to my work, I am a bit of a poet, a bit of a novelist, and a whole lot of Southern. I come from […]