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Pig Farmer Kin Sayings

My mother’s father farmed pigs. Courtney Johnston loved his grandkids. As we ran to him, he’d welcome us in his arms with the endearment: “My little runts!” You have to know that “the runt” is the littlest pig of the litter. And the youngest grandchild was ever his “runt.” What we do shapes our language. […]

Mara Purl’s many talents come home

Just one side of Mara Purl! Mara Purl is one of the ultimate hyphenates/slashers: author/actress/producer/artist/musician/playwrite. Talk about creating connections through the arts and across cultures! Head on over to Mara Purl’s guest blog post on Type M for Murder where she tells the story about a life of multi-talents coming into focus and fruition. Also, […]

William Steig’s Question as conversation starter: What Would You Rather Be? The “What If?” game.

In today’s New York Times Connections section, Edward Rothstein writes a marvelous article: “Worlds Outfoxed by a Wily Inner Child” about the current exhibiton at the Jewish Museum (later to appear in San Francisco) titled “From The New Yorker to Shrek: The Art of William Steig.” The catalog tells the story of from the artist’s […]