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A young writer & musician draws strength from history: Jeffrey L. Buford Jr.

Jeffrey L. Buford Jr. is my guest today on Riehlife. He grew up on the banks of the muddy Mississippi River on my father’s property. He’s a growing writer and musician. Here is our conversation. –Janet ____________________________ Riehlife: Tell us about your writing path so far. Jeffrey: Through writing about history and politics I found […]

Clearing the Years—Telegraph’s Active Living Section Chooses Pop as Cover Boy—Erwin A. Thompson Reveals Secrets of Reclaiming Youthful Outlook

Pop’s a cover boy! He’s made the front page of the ACTIVE LIVING section of THE TELEGRAPH. (When I was growing up, known as “The Alton Evening Telegraph”–but it now comes out in the morning.) To read the cover story “Clearing the Years: Brush-clearing helps 92-year-old reclaim youthful outlook” it says on the cover. Inside […]