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“Tunahaki” (film festival winner) shows 200 ways good intentions lead to bad results.

POSTSCRIPT at the beginning. Please read Grace Mkombozi’s comment below and my response. Grace shows us that we cannot know the truth–especially looking in from the outside. Even in documentaries what is documented can be very different than what we see on the screen. I have done enough community development work in the United States […]

Blog Action Day: Water

It’s Blog Action Day. The theme this year is WATER. My blogging buddy Damaria Senne of South Africa has written an insightful post on her blog Story Pot about water in an African village. I told her that: Your story of the place water plays in the lives of village people all across Africa is […]

Empower Congo Women

My friend Victoria Bentley is back in Bukavu, Congo (DRC) and has been blogging up a storm. Empower Congo Women is rebuilding the fabric of society in Eastern Congo from the ground up by empowering community-based agencies and disadvantaged women and children through microfinance, education and charitable donations. Empower Congo Women is a 501(c)3 non-profit […]