“Sensuously Sixty,” Judy Whelley’s new blog wins Kudos from Story Circle Network

And there I was, reading along in the Story Circle Network’s national newsletter when what should I see but a great big “Atta Girl” for my friend Judy Whelly’s new blog Sensuously Sixty. Here’s the love letter to her blog. –Janet Riehl

We’re crazy about Sensuously Sixty, Judy Whelley’s beautiful blog! “At sixty,” Judy writes, “I find my life unlike anything I expected or dreamed. I learned many lessons on the way to this place. One of the most significant discoveries was that while I was deeply connected to my mind and spirit, I was sadly disconnected from my body. I have chosen to spend this year of being sixty reconnecting sensuously and I invite you to make the journey with me. We’ll learn from one another.”

What does it mean to “reconnect sensuously”—joining mind, spirit, and body. We’re sorry, but we just can’t find the words to describe this! You’ll have to visit Judy’s blog and see the wonderful ways she is finding, creating, and exploring beauty in her life. Admire a lovely and lovingly-crafted quilt, gaze awestruck at the intricacies Zentangle, and delight in the simple pleasure of a berry bowl. Click on over to Sensuously Sixty, read and enjoy, then let Judy know how much you appreciate the grace and beauty that she is sharing with us.

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