Riehlife Poem-of-the-Day:”White Girl, Black Heart: Summer ’59,” by Arletta Dawdy

Yesterday you read Arletta Dawdy’s poem “Clara’s Air.”

In “White Girl, Black Heart: summer ‘59″ Arletta Dawdy deals with the doubts and misgivings that concerned her going in her first Sunday service at a Black Church. “Believe me it was a “moving” experience as the church rocked! This was Lincoln Avenue Methodist Church in Pasadena and the preacher was a wise man, an Olympic athlete who was well known in his day,” says Arletta.

Click on this link to read the next poem by Arletta Dawdy reprized from the Riehlife archives. “WHITE GIRL, BLACK HEART: SUMMER ‘59,” is a short story-poem that tells of coming of age, reaching and rocking across cultures.

You’ll be intrigued by Annie’s adventures, as I was.

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