Lonnie Powell: Masterful drawings at Portfolio, STL

Click here for Lonnie Powell’s bio and more details about his Porfolio exhibit.

I just came back from viewing Lonnie Powell’s show at the Porfolio Gallery and Education Center in St. Louis. Powell works in a variety of styles and media in his show “Still All Over the Place” that will be up through January 8th 2010.

Underpinning everything Powell does is a strong sense of structure provided by subtle and masterful drawing. He excels in portraits and offers an unusual perspective with views that are often from the ground up.

There’s always feeling in his work. We’re not just looking at an artist showing off his technical skills.

Contact Portfolio Gallery at:
3514 Delmar Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63103
Phone: (314) 533-3323.
Public Email: portfoliogallery@att.net

Lonnie Powell wrote me back with a good addendum to the original post.

Hi Janet,

Greetings from the West side of The Great State Of Missouri. Thank you for your succinct and insightful observations on my art.

To me, art without emotion is merely decoration–something to match the sofa and should be tossed out along with said sofa when its days are done.

What a person looks like means little to me owing to the fact that, ( in most cases ) good or bad it was not their fault. It is, however, what the simple act of living has painted on a face that is key to me. You called it emotion and that is an appropriate starting place.

Since we’re on looks–technically Robert looks like me since I was here first but I’m not bragging.:-)

You were also right about the technical aspect of my art. I sometimes wish that I did not believe that drawing was the foundation of good art since I don’t believe they teach that anymore.

Thanks again and I hope to meet you one day soon.

Lon Powell

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