Nonfiction Writers: November Writing Month

(adapted from Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s newsletter)

During November nonfiction writers get a chance to hone their skills and complete a nonfiction project during the annual Write Nonfiction in November challenge. Now in it’s third year, Write Nonfiction in November (WNFiN) isn’t a contest in the traditional sense. It’s a personal challenge to nonfiction writers to simply start and finish a book, article, essay, query letter, e-book, booklet, proposal, or any other work or nonfiction in 30 days. And while they do so, a blog provides nonfiction writing, editing, promotion, marketing, and publishing information to help them sell themselves and their writing.

Blog posts by WNFiN founder Nina Amir, an author, journalist, nonfiction editor/coach/consultant, have expanded to expert guest bloggers to provide additional information. Again this year she provides posts of her own and introductions to posts written by 28 expert guest bloggers.

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