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Recently I cleared out my piles on the credenza in my study. I found lots of scraps of paper noting ideas to blog about. Here, then, are “the ones that got away.” All of these blog-fish are pretty small, but some are beautifully striped.

1) Pop as “great connector”
2) Soil & Soul (poem fragment)–Soil of my soul/Soil not my soul.
3) “I feel your blackness.”–best compliment ever recieved. From colleague in storytelling ensemble.
4) My father prefers an empty refrigerator.
5)Poem fragment: At night the air grew chill/and she dreamed of flags
6) Journal Harvesting: Excerpt the thumbnail of entries, then hitch reports together into one book.
7) Where has all the laughter gone?…On not hearing laughter in public places.
8) Postal encounters of the first class kind (on amazing encounters with patrons in the post office)
9) Red Means Stop (on a car that sailed through Clifton Terrace red light).
10) Jaywalking on the Rise
11) “Not a problem”/”No problem” instead of “You’re welcome” or “My pleasure.”
12) How to cut and arrange daffodils.
13) TV characters in mysteries I relate to, such as: Perry Mason, Matlock, Jessica Fletcher
14) Weaning Off TV in Pursuit of “Babeness”
15) I Wanna Be a Babe.
16) Craft Rant: When CCAC (The California College of Arts and Crafts) dropped “crafts” from its name and changed to CCA (California College for the Arts. I refuse now to give them money…consider that they stole my degree from me (I majored in clay sculpture and graduated with high distinction)…and still write the abbreviation as CCA(C).

Left Bank Books Readings
1) Stacy Ann Chin’s “The Other Side of Paradise
2) Stefan Merrill Block’s “The Story of Forgetting”

Art Exhibits
1) St. Louis Art Museum–My favorite piece is Ghanaian artist El Anatsui’s “Fading Cloth.

1) I Love You, Man–movie essentially about friendship and identity.
2) Duplicity–What is trust? What is real?

Performance: “Quilters,” by Molly Newman and Barbara Damashek at the Missouri History Museum.

1) Glamorous travel hat from Isabella’s Journey (Ta-ta!) signature collection

2) San Diego Hat Company: Packable…”The ultimate traveling companion”

3) Honey Bar Natural with mixed sesame seeds. Mmmm-Mmmmm-good

4) Moleskiine notebooks…and a brochure telling the history of a legendary notebook…used by European artist and thinkiers for the past two centuries, fro Van Goph to Picasso, from Ernest Heminway to Bruce Chatwin. Brought back in 1998 by a small Milanese publisher.

5) Chocolove’s Crystallized Ginger in 65 percent dark chocolate…with a love poem by John Clare inside the wrapper.

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