Barry Yelton’s “In That Peculiar Space”: A Poet, dreams of infinity, a small star, butterfly, pond

Barry Yelton and I met through the Independent Authors Guild. Barry is the author of Scarecrow in Gray, A Civil War Novel. Barry is also a marvelous poet, so far assembling around fifty poems towards a chapbook titled: “On Wings of Gentle Power,” a line from one of the poems, referring to the spiritual boyancy that children and grandchildren give their elders. I’m intrigued that his day job is Senior Vice President of a large regional bank.


Barry loves hiking in the Black Mountains of North Carolina, about sixty miles from home, and one of the places he loves.

Barry has previously visited Riehlife to chat about North Carolina hill country and his work (click here).


by Barry Yelton

At the edge of the universe

a small star spins and pulses

at the very precipice of infinity.


where time and space run out…

the curiousness of it is that

it stands at about the center

of a dream I once had

where a small girl walked

along the edge of a pond

amid the green of springtime

and she held a quivering

butterfly in her tiny hand

only to crush the life out of it…

and I think of that star

alone in such vastness

and I wonder again at the beyond

where the universe runs out

of infinity and then

what then?

it must be loneliness.

what else could reside

where even a vacuum cannot?

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