Sogyal Rinpoche…Wisdom and Compassion in Action…Rigpa’s 2007 Fall Retreat in Northern California

November 23rd through December 2nd…that’s where I am…and then three more days for the extention retreat. All of this, in the ballroom of the Konocti Harbor Resort and Spa on the shores of beautiful Clear Lake (California’s largest self-enclosed lake).

I’ve traveled from St. Louis back to one of my homes and it feels good to see friends from Lake County and friends I’ve known for 17 years in the Rigpa Sangha. I’m staying at Innisfree Vacation Rentals, the land of my friend Turtlewoman, Sybil Frances, right on the lake…next door to the A-frame, which I christened Rocking Triangle Studio…and lived there the first 2 of the 9 years I lived here.

So, here we go!

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