Grace, Amazing, Isn’t It?

for four generations of Graces

Amazing, isn’t it, grace? Praising. Blessing.

Raising hearts lifted in thanks. How sweet the sound.

The Greeks named three Graces. Joy. Charm. Beauty.

Grace, a Lost and Found Department. Finding our ground within the surround sound

Grace cares. Cares for. Cares about. Searches out the heart of the other.

Grace dignifies. The smallest loaf. The least fishes. The blinding flash of a moment.

Grace extends. Myself to ourselves. A due date that crept up without notice.

Grace clothes. In beauty. In kindness.

Grace attracts. Good fortune. Good will. Good music. Good merit.

Grace moves. In comfort. In elegance. In gladness.

Grace…Glides…Yields…Takes in…Embraces.

Grace lifts the veil. Finds our hiding places

With Grace…We were blind, but now we see.

from Sightlines: A Poet’s Diary

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