Creating connections through the arts and across cultures


My mission is to create connections through the arts and across cultures.


The arts—I mean all the arts—offer a powerful tool for connecting people and cultures.The arts can draw us closer together. They can unify us and help erase false separation.

We sometimes think of the different arts as being autonomous disciplines. But poetry, painting, and puppetry—not to mention the myriad other arts—don't exist in a vacuum. There's connection between them and among them.

It's the same with us human beings. Just as the arts are interconnected, so are we. "We" means individuals; "we" means human cultures. All of us are interconnected both as individuals and as part of a world culture.

This is my dream: one world drawn together through art.

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  1. I have visited your site a few times, and I have thoroughly enjoyed what you have to say. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to link your blog to that of my collectives at We are a small group of women artists operating a gallery and initiating community endeavors much like the ones you discuss on your blog.



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